What People are Saying

“This was definitely the best ever! The layout was superb (band as a central focal point); new airy tents; loved those couch-things, which sat a surprising amount of peeps. The food was over-the-top, much more complex offerings this year. Special favs: Robin’s ceviche stuffed avocado and Artisan’s pork wrap. The band was a perfect choice. The volunteers all smiled and were friendly.”
Attendee, 2014

“THANK YOU! This event was by far the most fun and the most organized one I have attended.  Congrats to you and your team on pulling off a fantastic event.”
Participant, 2014

“We are so impressed; everything was so fabulous.”
Participant, 2014

“You absolutely hit a Grand Slam with this event!! I heard nothing but positive feedback from the attendees! It was a smooth event for us and very fun!”
Participant, 2014

“We really enjoyed the day.  You all did a fantastic job, it was great!”
Volunteer, 2014

“We loved doing this event.  You and your team did such a great job.  It was well organized and the set up was fantastic.  Quality tents, quality bathroom, quality music.  You did good, girl!  Count on Talley Farms for next year!  Really, really fun and good for our business.”
Participant, 2014

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