In 2014, 1,550 people attended the main event at Castoro Cellars.  This event has done a tremendous job of both attracting and retaining sponsors, vendors and out of town guests.

Non Local Visitors: Based on zip code analysis, 50% of the guests reside outside San Luis Obispo County. In 2014, there was a 7% increase in visitors from Southern California. Overall, Southern California represented 20% of all the visitors.

Demographics: 73% of the attendees have a household income over $75K and 95% have a college degree or higher. Attendance is nearly even between male and female, with almost 60% between 41 and 59 years old.

Information Source: For non-local guests, 55% attended in the past or heard about the event from a friend. 25% cited hearing about the event from partners and participants, posters, and other sources. Data confirm that guests rely on personal experience or referrals from a trusted source to influence their purchasing decision.

Zero Waste: The Earth Day Food & Wine Weekend is a zero waste event; in 2013 the event produced only 1.75 lbs of trash for over 1,200 attendees, provided shuttles to 50% of the guests, powered the entertainment stage with the sun, and provided all compostable and recyclable supplies.

Looking Forward

We produce a memorable event with an outstanding reputation and attractive demographic. Now we are elevating our thinking to increase our scope, reach, and impact. Engaging innovative partners and strategic decision makers will add both value and exposure that supports our organization’s sustainability mission. In this new phase, we are looking for the following:

  • Innovative partners committed to the cause and interested in consumer and/or B2B exposure with our desirable audience
  • Lifestyle, food, wine publications as like-minded event partners
  • Strategic invites: gatekeepers, influencers, and industry trendsetters

By highlighting the unique food, wine, and lifestyle culture, this event provides a unique opportunity to attract and retain out of town visitors to the area. Beyond the event, we reach thousands through our many digital channels. We leverage the earth friendly message that resonates with a desirable visitor.

For more information please contact Kyle Beal Wommack at 805.466.2288 or