Vineyard TeamThe Earth Day Food & Wine Weekend’s main event is uber-proud of its commitment to host a zero-waste event. We have generated less than 2lbs of trash for over 1,400 visitors!  Wow!

The sound stage is powered by the sun, compliments of Pacific Energy Company.

The food provided by local chefs and farmers is served on and with recyclable and compostable plates, bowls, forks, and spoons. Appropriate disposal containers, provided by Paso Robles Waste & Recycle, are accessible throughout the event. Guerilla Gardeners is on site, managing the recycling and compost project; they can answer any questions you may have.

What about all that food waste?  Engel and Gray and Harvest Blend Compost are proud to compost the material into quality compost to build healthy soil.

We have a plastic reduction policy and ask guests to drink water from their commemorative wineglass.

We ask that guests help with our low traffic commitment.  There are Luxury Coaches available for $10 – $15 per person.  Parking is limited at the event and available for $25 per car on a first-come, first-serve basis – ADVANCE TICKETS REQUIRED.

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For additional information contact Kyle Beal Wommack at 805.466.2288 or kyle@vineyardteam.org